How to Boost Your Sites Ranking to The First Page of Google

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Google is, undoubtedly, the biggest search engine in the world and provides at least 80% of organic traffic to websites everywhere. Impressing the big G is clearly something you want to do and it can be done if you simply focus on a few things.backlink for seo

You should understand how much importance Google lays on domain names that have country specific extensions, so that they can rank the sites in their respective countries for their primary keywords.

So, getting a TLD from that particular country is imperative for any location specific website. This will help you boost your site’s rankings. On top of that, you also want your site to be hosted on a server that is in the same country.

For example, if your site is targeted towards the Indian audience then you can have a domain extension such as .in or – and have your website hosted on a server that’s based in India. When you are trying to get good rankings for your site, these issues may seem unimportant but they really do matter. If your website’s domain name doesn’t include the keyword you wish to rank for, then you will at least have to make sure it is in your URL.

Google will give your page preference if it finds the keyword in the URL when generating results for a search. It doesn’t matter what kind of keyword you’re targeting, but if it’s long tail, it has a higher chances of moving up the search results. The search engine giant will use a complicate algorithm to analyze your site and it takes into consideration a number of variables, including the URL.

Just because they included their keyword in the URL, many new sites will rank quickly for those terms.
Don’t include too many outbound links from your site if you want to maintain a good page rank. The reason for this is, every outbound link from your site is a potential page rank stealer since it tends to drain the page rank of your page.

A reputable site will always have more links heading in than going out because of its quality. Limit the number of outbound links on your site, if you must have them, and make sure to only include relevant ones.

Getting on the first page of Google is really not that difficult if you know what you’re doing. If your site is pretty new, it will take a little longer but if you are persistent you don’t need to worry because you will win in the end.
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