How to Start Creating a Blog SEO Earn Online?

Hello to all readers of my blog!
You do not have a blog and you want to create it, but do not know where and how to start? Then this post is for you!
The reasons for creating a blog can be different. Someone wants to with the help of a blog to develop and express themselves, someone earning good money. Some blog – it’s a hobby, someone he brings the basic income.

No matter what purpose you decide to start a blog. These objectives may change over time. A blog can be your hobby at the same time, a means of expression and communication with the people, the main work, etc …

How to start creating a blog? How to make your own blog?backlink manualIt is important to begin to adjust yourself to understand the basic principles of the development blog. It is necessary to set a goal and achieve it, no matter what difficulties are not met on the way!

Create your own blog is not difficult, it is more difficult to develop, especially in the initial phase of his life. Now, first things first.
So, you have decided to create a blog, for example for the purpose of good earnings. But in the early to think about it is not worth it, even if it will be your ultimate goal.

Money will not come immediately. If properly developed blog, then in the future it will bring good, and most importantly a stable income.

To begin, I suggest you prepare a brief plan of action to create a blog. Take a sheet of paper, a pen or pencil and write. You will plan something like this:

– To determine the theme of the future of the blog;
– Create the semantic core and choose keywords;
– Find and download the software needed to create it;
– To determine the time (a day or two) to create it;
– Find and download educational materials to create a blog;
– Choose a hosting;
– Determine the future design of the blog, choose a template;
– Create a blog;
– To begin to fill the blog content;
– Make a plan for the development of the blog.

This is a rough outline of your actions, maybe I missed something. You can add your own items and rearrange them, but I do not advise to clean anything! And now I’ll tell you about all the points in order. Read this post in its entirety! It will help you in the shortest time to create a blog, save your time, do not miss important details and get rid of unnecessary questions. Further, for a better understanding of, and to avoid repetition, I will give links to some posts.

I advise you to read them in order and carefully! And so, let’s go.Determine the theme of the future of the blog
If you have not chosen a theme for your blog, I suggest you do it now! Choosing a theme – this is the most important part of creating a blog. Do not make a blog about everything. This blog will continue to be very difficult to develop. The topic should be of interest to you, otherwise it will be difficult to write posts, and you just have thrown this business.

Do not choose too competitive topic, otherwise it will be very difficult to achieve these goals. But if you are persistent and people ready to difficulties, you can take the risk! If you really try, you can achieve a great deal.

For competitive topics include any demand currently services financial topics. It’s simple: if the site allows you to post topics on the pages of an expensive advertising (construction, finance, etc.), or the website itself will provide requested services now, this theme, in any case, will have a high level of competition. But I hasten to bring you good news: you can earn a lot of money on a blog on any topic. The main thing is to achieve these goals. More about this later. Choose a theme that you like, even if it is very rare, so even easier to develop your blog. See the example for the good blog here >>

Beginners probably do not understand what it was about. Creating semantic core lies in the selection of the low-frequency (LF) and medium frequency (MF) keywords for your blog. Learn how to create a semantic kernel read in my article . Here I only want to point out the importance of its creation. Without it you simply will not be able to develop and promote your blog! Also, I advise you to read the article – “How to select keywords.”We find and download the software to create a Blog you create on your computer.

backlink high quality

You’d better choose a day or two to come to grips with the creation of your blog. It is better not to stretch this thing for a long time, and sit down and make a blog! And in the future, remember: the blog will need to devote a lot of time, especially in the beginning. Never postpone the case until later. If you have planned, do it. This should be the rule. I’m on the creation of this blog is gone exactly one day. In the morning I sat at the computer, and in the evening a blog has been hosted.

But I did not prepare for his creation, and it is greatly slowed down the process. That’s why I’m writing this post! Putting training materials to create a blog All the necessary materials to create a blog  , you can take from me. Choosing The Best Hosting
If you have serious plans for the blog (and how else :-)), then in any case do not use free hosting !!! The fact that free hosting you can get easily accommodate someone else’s advertising. In addition, free hosting – is unreliable, and at any time … In short, if you do not want to lose his works, it is best to pay.

Personally, I posted a blog on hosting “Makhost”, and I was happy with everything. In this hosting, you’ll be able to choose the services that will be charged. To support service no complaints, in general, all on the level. If you are interested in hosting this, you can read it in my article ” What is Web Hosting is better to choose?”

Blogs on WordPress are created using templates. You just need to find and choose the most suitable. Templates can download both free and paid. You can order your own design webmasters.

Of course, it is better to use a paid template. The fact is, if you do not know the basics of HTML and CSS, then there may be some difficulties. If you use a paid templates, we can hope to help the people from whom you bought them. Although you with free help will not refuse.

In addition to the template, you can change the graphics part. For this purpose, image editors. I recommend using the «Adobe Photoshop». You can create your logo, as I did.

I created a logo in 20 minutes, and before the program never used! As I said, the creation of a blog is not planned in advance, so at the beginning of any logos did. In my blog you can see how my blog was on the first day!

Make Me Blog
It’s simple, we take all the prepared materials, sit down comfortably and create your own blog! The main thing – do not worry if something does not work the first time, it happens! Try to understand, and then you will be happy. Nothing complicated in creating a blog there, we just need a bit of patience and perseverance.

If you want a day (or two) to create a blog and post it to the Internet, you can pre-pay for hosting and choose a domain name. Because hosting starts to work within days after its registration. I earned approximately 4-5 hours. A domain name is better to choose is not a long and easy to remember.

It is desirable to match the theme of your blog. For example, my blog is related to search engine optimization topics (SEO), so I chose asbseo name (the first three letters of the name: Alexander Bobrin). It is short, easy to remember, and on the subject.
In the process of creating a blog you will need to install a lot of different plugins for WordPress.

Do not worry! If you are using a video course, all of them are included. That’s when I suggest that you download from the Internet by the latest versions of these plug-ins! Because they may not be compatible with the latest WordPress version, in fact since the establishment of the lessons took some time.

If something does not work, and all very much so bad, you can refer to the author of the course, I think they will not be denied. Good luck in creating a blog!We fill the blog content And so, you created your blog, posted it on the Internet. Now it is necessary to fill the content, in other words, the articles (posts), according to the blog’s theme.

The more interesting your article, and the more of them, the more your blog will grow faster! Today, promotion of blogs and sites are at the expense of content. Major search engines Runet “Yandex”, struggling to fight the commercial component of SEO, and hit govnosaytov (HS) in the top of search results.

GS – these are sites that host nobody interesting and unnecessary articles. These sites are mostly commercial, and do not have any valuable information. In a word, no one needs the garbage that promote SEO optimizers all available means, of course not free. Today, commercial links no longer work the way it was before. Therefore, the main your task – it is good quality and interesting article. Today, content rules! Remember this.

For a good development of the blog you need a lot of articles. Blog will develop normally as it is filling, and the result will not come immediately. First, you need to write articles 50-100 (depending on the competition and on your activity), only then the blog will bring their “fruits.”

You might think: “Here, I’ll write 10-20 articles, and then what to write?” .Poverte Be something to write about! The main thing is the desire and work. I suggest you read my post: ” How to write interesting articles !” and ” Styles of writing articles .” After reading them, you will now find a lot of options and realize that everything is not so difficult! Also, I suggest you read the article: “How to check the uniqueness of the text.”

The first three months of the blog will grow very slowly, because he is still young and is in a “sandbox” search engines. Then everything will be fine.
I hope you realize that the most important entries – content. Then let’s move on to the last point of the plan, which now will set you on the creation of a “proper” blog – a blog for people! We draw up a development plan of the blog Determined to create a blog, you should realize the responsibility that lay on his shoulders.

Blogging requires regular filling its content. Remember, at the beginning of this article, I talked about goals, about earnings. So, money is not your immediate goal! About money think it is too early, they will be in a year can before it is up to you. From your desire and labor.

Remember, the main goal of any blog – is traffic! In other words, the people who visit your blog and read and comment on your posts, follow the blog updates, subscribe to mailing lists. That’s your main goal is to create a blog for people! Create a blog that will be visited by thousands of people a day.

Then you can make money. And if there is no traffic, no one will click on your advertisements, no one will move on and to register for the affiliate links. And no one will admire your beautiful banners. And no one wants to buy a link from the blog, which has zero attendance. Remember this. For better assimilation of the material I suggest you read my article ” How to blog. Tips for beginners . ”
And so, you realize that the whole plan for the near future will consist of increasing the number of good and interesting content, filling the blog with useful information for the readers.

Understand, if you promote your blog with the help of buying links and other methods, forgetting about the quality and quantity of content, your blog if it gets into the tops, then quickly leave them. And you will not have regular readers and subscribers!
In parallel with the filling of the content, use free methods to promote your blog. Announce your posts on social networks and bookmarks, they are also able to give a little traffic to your blog. Replace pages button social networking and bookmarking. Read more about this in the article series “Progress in social networks” (there are four parts). The main thing – to do everything slowly, remember that a blog is still in the sandbox, and dramatically grow into links should not.