Optimized Press Release

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Submitting an optimized online press release is an excellent way to generate publicity for your website and develop your link popularity. Sometimes, you may receive offers for interviews in major publications.
We can write your press release on an announcement of: a new product, service or partnership, award, or other item of interest. How It Works:

Optimized Press ReleaseWe submit your press release through the proper channels and then it gets picked up on various websites.
Newsworthy press releases that are optimized for your target keywords are extremely valuable to your business. When properly optimized, press releases increase search engine traffic to your site and improve your rankings.
Press releases also increase your brand awareness and encourage links back to your site from authority websites.
Optimized press releases help you get ranked in news search engines such as Google or Yahoo! News. Millions of visitors, including journalists search for stories on Yahoo! and Google News daily.
Editors looking for a story may contact you as a source and publish interviews about your business in various publications.

We’ll write, edit, optimize and submit your press release for you. In the first stage we consult with you and determine what type of story would be beneficial based on your goals/objectives. In the second stage we do keyword research and find the right keyword to target. In the third stage, we write your press release and consult with you to make sure that you approve of the finished product.
Optimized Press Releases are widely under-utilized by most small businesses and are an excellent way to build traffic, brand-awareness and link popularity for your online business.
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